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Women Ministry

At Bethel Church-Remera, the women ministry is an active and reviving team. Made up of different categories of women according to their age, they are all committed and devoted to serving God for the betterment of His Kingdom.

So enthusiastic, this team is engaged in numerous constructive activities, reflecting a Godly family in the church.

Women ministry is responsibly involved in upholding healthy relationships in the church, exhorting one another, and Biblically instructing fiancées, married, young and aged couples in order to upkeep the will of God in the body of Christ.

Through women conferences, seminars, prayers and fasting sessions and works of compassion, women of the church play a remarkable role in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and most importantly, with their renown welcoming spirit, they integrate other new women believers in the House of God

This team with its representative committee works hand in hand with Bishop Thérèse Umugiraneza, along with Pastor Clotilde Rwimo and Pastor Odette Rusagara to the execution and success of their planned activities.

They normally meet on Mondays, from 10,00AM for those available while others may join in the evening, when available.

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