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Bishop Umugiraneza Thérèse Biography

Spouse to Apostle François Nkurunziza, a mother of four children and a grandmother of one lovely girl, Bishop Thérèse Umugiraneza is an inspiring woman of God! Born in Rwanda, on the 4th of February 1960 and due to political crisis, her family was prompted to flee into exile in Burundi, one of the neighboring countries where they harshly survived. Nevertheless, by the grace of God, she managed to finish her secondary studies and with her advanced diploma, she served as a school teacher, the job she passionately enjoyed for 13 years. She had been morally affected during her young age by various circumstances and eventually, she developed negative attitude, fear and inferiority complex much as she was ailing. These altogether influenced her life.

However, since when she met the Lord Jesus Christ on 3rd of August 1983, she got completely transformed by the Holy Spirit who convinced her that she was wholly valuable in the eyes of the Creator of the universe. Thereafter, she married an authentic servant of God who contributed a lot to her spiritual growth and she could therefore value herself as a new wonderfully nurtured woman of God within herself. Nearby the consecrated man of God in ministry, Bishop Thérèse wholly embraced the call of her company and husband. She served as a singer in church choir and later as an intercessor, nevertheless, she would gradually prove her potentials in counseling. Initially, counseling would be by just passion, moreover she had an occasion of attending trainings in France, Ivory Coast and elsewhere on top of an acquired bachelor’s degree in sociology that alerted her efficiency in this regard.

Bishop Thérèse above all, dreams of being a subject of joy to all those grieved with despair hence considerably gives herself to serving others and thus feeling motivated in her ministry. Ultimately, according to Thérèse, being a pastor, a bishop etc is more than bearing a title but a privilege that God grants to his children to serve the most valuable creature in His sight! She was ordained Pastor, January, 4th 2004 and consecrated as Bishop September, 13th 2015 and both events had only been a confirmation of her God given nature and anointing.

Speaking about her devotions, in Rwanda, as a country that had been through the tragic history of Genocide against Tutsi in 1994, she remarkably contributed in healing and Reconciliation of the broken hearted through “Caleb and Joshua Ministries”, a ministry she initiated carried out from Bethel Church. This was a platform given to Rwandans but especially believers to confess and forgive towards complete healing, unity and reconciliation from Biblical perspective. Today, Thérèse serves as a Bishop in the Community of Bethel Churches in Rwanda and abroad. Her determination and commitment to a cause of Jesus Christ who called and found her worth serving Him, ranks her a woman of fire desperately needed by the Church of Christ!

Glory be to God!