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Solange Umuhoza got married 2 years ago and after 6 months she couldn’t get pregnant and started worrying. A year and 8months later she got pregnant, but unfortunately she had to abort due to a miscarriage, because the pregnancy was to kill her, as the doctors had said she a had a failed pregnancy.

During the last 21 days of Daniel’s prayer, God revealed to her, through Apostle, that the problem was in the uterus yet the doctors had told her that it was in her Fallopian tubes. She is currently free from the inside frustration and thankful for her healing, as she is certain she is soon having her own children.

God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind.


Before we started the Daniel’s prayer, a 16year old Angel had been being attacked by the evil thoughts of committing suicide for many times.

She has always been with an inside sorrow without knowing any cause, she had a strong spirit of hatred and she would always feel alone and never felt free to be in the house of God, as voices would always taunt her that she didn’t need to go to church, that the prayers have never helped her since she was sick in her inner being.

For the last three weeks, during these special 21days fasting and prayer, she got completely healed, she is free from every king of her former chains, she is happy and feels a lot of love to her parents, the church and everyone.

Her life is completely transformed, and she encountered a delivering salvation that she is enjoying at the fullest.


Arnaud is 16years old and he is extremely grateful for the Lord almighty, who only could set him free from all spiritual powers that have subjected him under the devil’s York for his whole life.

Today he is testifying the marvelous wonders of God, having been in the house of God but always bound, he was so possessed to the extent of sensing the presence of the spiritual powers in the house of God, every time when the Apostle would start the ministry. This went worse when, we started the 21days of Daniel’s prayer and all of a sudden his parents who had never forbidden him to come to church, strictly refused him to attend the service.

whenever the ministry time arrived, the intercession team would pray for him and deliverance was just partial, until last week, on the 26th of February, at the 15th day of the three weeks of fasting. The Lord through a hard authoritative prayer, he got completely delivered.

Satan had bound him in impudicity and fornication, homosexuality and other horribly evil deeds at his age; the dangerous thing about it is that of the eight siblings, he was considered to be the most exemplary child and the favoured of his parents. No one at home or elsewhere knew exactly what he was going through. Today he is a new man, a transformed individual, a free son of God.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, He who delivered a demon possessed man from the legion of demons, is still able to set free and He is powerful to transform any life.


A husband and father of four children, Celestin Harerimana Ndekezi testifies the faithfulness of God. Having been an apparently successful business man, he would always travel in many and different countries around the world searching for a stable business where to invest his money, but he had never been at rest, he had been always wandering and never had peace of heart.

Celestin got born again in 1998, he had gone to various churches but still he failed to be transformed, to be set free, until when he stepped in Bethel Church and coincidently but not accidently, as he found out to be in the plan of God, he found a special 21days of Daniel’s prayer.

These prayers were brought for my sake, he affirms. God knew my situation and the way I have been religious but without a change in my life, he adds. Jesus set him free every single day of the 21days, he has been gradually elevated from a step to another be spiritually and physically. In his carrier and relations, God brought him a remarkable breakthrough.

Today, he is a new man, with a new understanding about God, he is like unveiled from a darkness veil that was on his eyes all these years, he thought to be saved. I am starting a new life and committed to serve my Lord, with all my heart.

Our risen king Jesus Christ is our redeemer.