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The meeting kicked off with a word of Introduced, whereby Apostle François after launching the Harvest Africa Preparatory meetings, thanked all those who attended. Last year we had eleven countries that participated but this year we are going to receive more than 20 countries, we therefore need to prepare accordingly. Apostle alerted.

He went on sharing the Vision God gave Him, within which God showed him that we are given to bring Africa and other parts of the world to Jesus Christ. Ultimately, God will provide all the resources needed to capture those nations for God’s glory. God promised to bring in more other nations who will not only join this great movement but also partake to advancing the Kingdom of God around the world through HAAN. Apostle reminded.

The meeting went on presenting to the church all of the Harvest Africa preparing departments from which every member Christian should participate to altogether prepare this great September event. Every Bethel Church Christian member should at least be part of one of the preparing Departments.

We need to invest ourselves in this cause that comes from God, and more importantly in this year as it would be the last year before it goes abroad, because that is the will of God and the vision target. This is a God’s vision and indeed Himself shall elevate this vision to capture all nations as they belong to Jesus. Let us stand up and start work. Apostle added

The meeting was concluded by a dedicating prayer for the Kigali-September and Dar Es Salaam-May events and for all the countries to participate but also for African continent and other nations worldwide.